Sunday School

Sundays from 9:00-10:00 AM

** Nursery care is available from 9:00 until 11:00 **

At Heartland, we offer Sunday School programs for children from Pre-K through 6th grade, as well as adults (3 different classes).  Classes typically run from September through May (see our calendar for details).

The Pre-K through 6th graders explore lesson based most often on the Scripture of the Sunday (Lectionary-based) from Sparkhouse.

For Youth:

Pre-K – 1st Grade:  Jubilee Room

2nd – 6th Grade: Hallelujah Room

For Adults:

MASTERS (Mature Adults Studying Timely and Enthusiastic Religious Subjects) Class, led by Jim Hoffman: Grace Room
On Sunday, October 22nd , the MASTERS Class will be discussing “Prejudice and Discrimination” in our world today. We will be viewing an excellent DVD entitled “Prejudice: More Than Black and White”, and follow-up with discussion centered around an understanding of the roots of prejudice, the scope of prejudice and the results that come from prejudice. We will examine discrimination, stereotyping, and hatred — and discuss positive actions we can take at Heartland to prevent the negative aspects of prejudicial feelings and resulting violence.

Gospel According to the Movies, led by Pastor Alex Thornburg: Church Office
This class will be discussing how and where God can be found in the movies, current and classic.

Seekers Class: Where is Our Faith?, led by Rev. Dick Harken: Jubilee Room
This is a new class that will explore questions relevant to those seeking all things faithful:  What is your name for God?  Where do you find God in the news?  What is our Christian faith? What is forgiveness and why do we need it?

Wednesday Night E.P.I.C. (Everything Possible In Christ) and Adult Class

Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 PM

Dinner starts at 5:30 p.m.
Classes start at 6:00 p.m.

For Youth:

1st – 3rd Grade: Jubilee Room – based on the Growing in Grace and Gratitude series

4th – 6th Grade: Hallelujah Room – based on the re:form youth group series of lessons and videos

Jr. & Sr. High Youth (7th – 12th Grade): Youth Rooms (Hope & Joy) – based on Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt and other projects like helping to lead Worship services, visiting food pantry, serving a meal and bringing supplies to persons who are homeless.

There are other educational opportunities like book study groups (1 offered through Presbyterian Women, another offered through Women of JOY), and periodic class offerings on other topics such as aging and parenting.  We will consider offering a wide variety of topics.  If you are curious about what is currently available or wish to suggest a class, please contact the Director of Community Life.  Educational opportunities are supervised by Heartland’s Christian Education Committee, currently chaired by Scott Reddig.